Small groups: 3-5 students

Academic course for teenagers 1 day per week

This Course is designed for teenagers aged between 11-13 and 14-17 who wish to improve their English.
1,5h per day:
1h lesson in group where you will be focusing on speaking and listening exercises with our qualified native Teachers as well as 0,5h using our Multimedia resources (with a Teacher) where you will be working on pronounciation, listening skills, fluidity, grammar and writing skills.
Intensive courses for teenagers are aimed at people who want to acquire a solid foundation of language both orally and grammatically. This course will help you develop the four language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading.
Small groups of 5-8 people for students who prefer to practice more their speaking skills and  of course have more time with the teacher.


Course features:

The course consists of 1,5 hours per day: 1 hours of class + 0,5 hour interactive studies 


The classes are taught by native teachers, qualified and experienced in various communicative methods. In these classes the oral communication is especially emphasized.

Interactive studies in the Multimedia Resource Classroom, students work at their own pace: listening, pronunciation, fluency, grammar and writing.

The student can ask the teacher for support in the areas that represent interest or difficulty.

The primary objective of this course is so students can communicate in the language fluently and can use it at work, travelling or studying


All levels of the European framework

Time course: 
October to June
A1 - A2 - B1 - B2
Students per class: 
5 a 8
Designed to: 
Preu al comptat: 
460€+ 40 matricula
Preu a terminis: 
610€+ 40 matrícula

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